Adapted solutions
to increase your performance.

Uzinakod supports you in your strategic projects to promote your company’s growth
through innovative software solutions tailored to your needs.

Custom Software
Development + Cloud

Each project is unique and specific. Uzinakod adapts to your business language and business reality to turn your ideas into successful IT projects and to achieve your goals. We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers, especially in cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Digital transformation of your applications

We assist you in modernizing your business applications and migrating them to superior and innovative technologies. We assist you daily when the need arises to bring critical interventions to your application systems.
The operational activities of a company are essential to its effectiveness and to have a team ready to support a fleet of applications ensures the smooth running of operations.
We can help you evaluate and analyze your systems, highlighting current issues and making the best changes…

Artificial intelligence created and designed for your company

Evidence is now being made, artificial intelligence is so far an outstanding strategy in many uses. While AI techniques adapt to real-world applications, the possibilities for optimization and implementation are not missing.
Our team specializes in the implementation of IA systems, either within applications or in individual systems. These techniques are no longer things of the future but are now present on our doorstep.

Our main technologies

All our services are delivered by experts who listen to your needs that accompany you throughout the project. We like to collaborate with the teams of your company and to exchange our know-how.
While our focus is more on the latest ASP.NET / Core / MVC, C #, Angular technologies, it is important to understand and respect the customer’s technology ecosystem to suit your needs.
We are always updating technology to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Our clients

Our main strength is our ability to adapt to precisely meet the expectations and needs of our customers. They carry out their functions in various sectors of activity such as the fields of finance, insurance, maritime transport, or even retail. Each project is unique and that is what drives our customer passion.

Innovate in your company

We are always looking for new talent!

Are you passionate about new technologies and fascinated by artificial intelligence? Join us! Let’s share and develop our passion for IT in an ambitious company that promotes people and innovation in a connected and dynamic environment.

Let’s help companies accelerate their growth with the software solutions we develop.