Agile Methodology, Remote Teamwork’s Great Savior

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It won’t come as a surprise to anyone when I say that Agile methodology is at the heart of IT project management. In short, this is because it allows for greater flexibility and continuous feedback. We use it as a standard in our web development projects at Uzinakod. But you can adapt the Agile methodology to any organization, at any scale, regardless of context or field. We have applied it to human resources, and it works!

All throughout the 2020 pandemic, this methodology has helped us a lot in getting through our 100% virtual workdays, with its focus on communication and time optimization. We have employed it in both strict and flexible manners, depending on the situation.

To give a large-scale example, once a week we take stock with the entire company for a period of around 15 minutes. All employees are invited to our weekly news bulletin, which lets us reinforce our work bonds and reconnect.


Réunion Teams


On a smaller scale, each team holds a 10-minute meeting once a day (called a daily). For management, I feel that these meetings have brought us much closer together. The daily morning check-ins are invaluable. Some meetings are short and straight to the point, while others keep going and become incredibly funny, and at times, irrelevant. They reflect our frames of mind and changing moods since the spring.

It’s also reassuring to know that, every morning, you get together with your team to discuss and assess where things stand. This has become ingrained in our routine, and personally, I always find it harder to start the day without having seen the faces of my colleagues.

One major worry we had when we switched over to 100% virtual in the spring was the erosion of our team spirit and the sense of belonging which is so important to us. This is often the difference between a small and a medium-sized company: knowing everyone by name and feeling like a family. If we were no longer in contact with our colleagues every day, would that mean the end of sharing, of informal exchanges and everything that made Uzinakod what it was? This bothered us. I can’t count the number of times we talked about it with Sébastien and Dominic (the founders) and how much we read on the subject last spring. We have to admit that we rose to meet the challenge with colors flying, and it’s largely thanks to our management method.

Sharing and collaboration go on remotely—in a different way, to be sure, but these values are still there. Increased communication with Agile has a lot to do with it. Also, we still have our Teams Channel, communally named Random, to share funny stuff and laugh. We try as much as possible to recreate the atmosphere at the office. In the end, our team spirit has survived, and we still feel it. It’s not completely like before; it’s just different. And our colleagues are never far… just a few clicks away!

Érika Laplante
Written by Érika Laplante
Human Resources Director

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