Integrate artificial intelligence at the heart of your business

Uzinakod manufactures adapted solutions to develop your activity or to concretely solve existing problems
thanks to sophisticated and considered algorithms.

Everyone is talking about it, artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computing that involves the creation of intelligent machines that work and interact like humans.
Artificial intelligence is on our doorstep and is particularly emancipated in Montreal and Quebec, the perfect opportunity to focus on it and create an even more innovative, ethical and ambitious future. The research associated with AI is highly technical and specialized. Enjoy the proximity of our experts!


Make your company shine with AI

Uzinakod develops its own laboratory in artificial intelligence according to the needs of its customers and thus manufactures customized products to make their activities more efficient and effective. Our products are flexible and sustainable depending on the problems of your company as complex as they may be.

Tailored solutions to your business model

Our experts understand your business situation and its complexities and will work on a product adapted and adaptable in the long term to have a positive and high impact on your activity growth. The research is permanent and includes different traits such as knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, perception and learning.
AI can be applied to all areas such as finance, health, education, law, manufacturing, etc. At Uzinakod, we work closely with our customers and provide them with the best AI solutions to help them get the most out of our products. We are moving forward to combine all our products with AI to perform routine tasks more easily, faster and more accurately.

Improve your business with Deep Learning

Deep learning is also an essential part of AI and is inspired and structured by the neurons of the human brain called artificial neural networks. It has been widely used in computer vision, natural language processing and time series prediction, etc.
Uzinakod has extensive knowledge and experience in predicting time series for trading and behavioral analysis using new methods such as deep learning and machine learning techniques that can provide excellent services to its clients.

Amazing profits for your business

The AI ​​revolution is just beginning and will affect all industries in the future. These are phenomenal breakthroughs for businesses, ranging from productivity gains to process automation to prediction of consumer behavior.
We could provide Chatbot services to automate most of the routine business customer service tasks that save a lot of time and energy.

Revolutionize your business with AI

Passionate about AI? Join us!

We are always looking for people passionate and fascinated by artificial intelligence, participate in its development by
working in a creative and collaborative environment. Change the world!