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By Érika Feb 25, 2021

Recruited Internationally: Karine’s Story

Constantly looking for the best talent, Uzinakod never hesitates to extend its search to the international market. Whether hiring foreign students who want to prolong their stay in Montreal, or attending dedicated recruitment events, all these strategies have allowed us to grow our workforce.

But how does international recruitment work? To answer that question, we interviewed Karine Salles, now one of our Business Analysts.

When Did You First Meet Uzinakod?

I first met Uzinakod at the Journées Québec Monde in Paris, in December 2019. I had not applied for any of their offers; it was in passing by their stand that I noticed they were looking for a Business Analyst.

What Made You Want to Join Us?

I became interested in Uzinakod while talking with Sébastien Daupleix, one of the two founders. I didn’t have the impression of being interviewed, it was an informal exchange. I felt at ease and I understood that we shared the same work values: customer satisfaction, innovation, and team spirit.

I also relate to the assignments Uzinakod offers, as we are not a number like in other service companies, and they make sure to match our professional interests as much as possible.

On a personal level, I had the impression that Uzinakod wants us to feel good in our workday, and respects our work-life balance.

I still feel this way today. This is a business that listens to its employees.

What Were the Steps between Accepting the Offer and Your Arrival in Montreal?

I was interviewed Sunday and I had an offer the next day. My partner and I found that incredibly fast, but we were also really happy.

We were assisted every step of the way by Érika (in HR). A Teams channel was created so that we could ask any questions and interact with future arrivals.

We were able to exchange and get information about our concerns, such as work permits, housing, etc. That went smoothly enough, even if we had to answer a lot of questions due to the pandemic.

The Uzinakod team has always been very responsive, which is reassuring when you have to cross the Atlantic.

On my side, I studied a great deal of information on different websites, so I was well prepared.

How Was Your Remote Integration to the Team?

The integration was really top-notch!

Érika and Geneviève (a QA Analyst) helped me, along with the whole team of developers.

They are really there to help you in their work methodology, and to exchange on a variety of virtual coffee topics and on different Teams channels: Random, for instance.

Everyone uses their webcam, which helps integration further and lets us put a face with the voice.

Are You Satisfied with Your New Life in Montreal?

I already knew Montreal, but I am really glad to be back. I feel satisfied both professionally and personally.

It was a 2-person project and we are both happy to have crossed the Atlantic in spite of the pandemic. Montreal is a lovely city and there are many activities to discover (not so many just at the moment, but it’s a wonderful place, even so).

Obviously, changing countries/immigration is not for everyone. You have to accept moving away from your country of origin and integrating with a new culture and way of doing things. But from the moment you are aware of this and adapt, it can only go well.

Would You Recommend It to Anyone Hesitating?

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to discover another culture, another country or the province of Québec. And for those who have a well-established project. Without hesitation: YES!

Any Advice to Others?

I would say it’s all in the preparation and adapting. Don’t overpack your suitcases, you’re not going to Timbuktu.

Inform yourself on sites like pvtistes, blogs, etc. A goldmine! And form your own opinion and experience.

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(Video only available in French)

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