By Anaïs Jan 30, 2023

Tech Report – .NET Conf 2022: Our Developers to the Rescue!

We’re pretty sure most of you have heard of the .NET Conf, but here’s a brief description for those of you that haven’t: it’s a big event organized every year by Microsoft to share the latest news in various fields, such as Web, mobile and Cloud development.

The beginning of a new year seems like the perfect time to provide you with some important info. Our colleagues Julie, Catherine, Jean-Charles, and Vincent were tasked with choosing their favourite conference and sharing the highlights.

More info on .NET MAUI

Julie Proteau

By Julie Proteau

  • MAUI is a shared codebase that supports different types of platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • It’s finally ready for production!
  • With .NET 7, page rendering is 51% faster! 🏎️
  • Amazing new features. Our favs include tooltips, contextual menus and right-click. 💬
  • You won’t need to rewrite your applications completely when upgrading from Xamarin to .NET MAUI. Don’t worry; you still have some time before you’ll need to make the jump. 👉Xamarin will no longer be supported as of May 2024.
  • .NET 8 is set to launch in November 2023! 🚀

To watch this conference, click here!

Some info on authorizations in microservices architecture

Catherine Gaudron

By Catherine Gaudron

Authorization refers to the processes that verify whether a user has been granted access to certain data or permission to perform certain actions. The implementation of authorization processes in microservices architecture is a complex matter, especially if they’re fine-grained and can be changed by users. OneDrive is the perfect example, as it allows users to restrict file access to certain groups or other users. 📁

👉 Microservices authorization can be implemented by creating an authorization library that can be used by various services.


Authorization logic is decoupled from service logic, microservice-specific data is available, and custom authorization logic is supported.

This conference can be viewed here!

A quick look at configuration in .NET

Jean-Charles Mascolo

By Jean-Charles Mascolo

  • Configurations in XML can now be replaced by JSON files or environment variables, all of which can be used simultaneously.
  • Configurations are flattened when using a hierarchy combined with a colon (“:”) as a separator (example: “Key:Value,” “Section:Key:Value”).
  • Configurations can be obtained through various methods, all of which offer a different approach. This includes using Singleton or obtaining a modified value without the need to restart.

You can watch this conference here!

Boost your .NET productivity with Low Code tools

Vincent Camy-debat

By Vincent Camy-debat

Low code is a programming method that involves very little code. It’s no secret that a number of changes are expected to occur over the next few years.

With the severe lack of developers and the increasing demand for the creation of workplace tech solutions, it’s no surprise that low code is fast becoming a must-have skill in our industry.

That’s because:
📚 It’s easier to learn
📈 It enables faster software development and deployment
😀 It has a positive impact on user morale and job satisfaction

Here are a few examples:

  • AI paradigm shift (codex, gpt-3, openAI): allows you to turn instructions into code.
  • Microsoft Power Apps: allows you to create a power app from an image, a PDF file, a PowerPoint file, a Figma template, and more.

This conference can be found here.

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