Digital Transformation of Your Applications

 Choose for pro-active innovation and deploy technology
to ensure your business’s long-term success

Maintenance and Modernization of Your Legacy Applications

Uzinakod helps you in the transformation and migration of your applications using the best technologies and recognized know-how of its experts. We adapt to your existing business situation and applications.


Maintain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We have excellent resources available to fix bugs or identify sources of performance loss in your applications. Any modernized digital ecosystem creates value for your organization. Incorporate new technologies into your company’s culture helps you stay competitive with an efficient, easy-to-use, accessible and available application on all types of platforms.
Do not wait any longer and anticipate the technological risks that you can quickly face in the future. The computer world is changing so fast and you may have difficulty finding labor for some technologies.

Other Benefits of Updating Your Applications

Optimize the use of your applications brings you many fundamental benefits:

A better user experience

A fast and flexible ecosystem

A real gain in time and money to accomplish your tasks

Security for your operations in the long term

 A help to the growth of your company…

A Winning Collaboration

All our services are delivered by experts who listen to your needs and accompany you throughout the project. We like to collaborate with the teams of your company and to exchange our know-how. The collaboration and the relationship of trust that we develop with companies is one of our priorities.



You may have a Legacy app without knowing it!
A Legacy application may be software developed a long time ago, but it may also be a process that uses an Excel spreadsheet or is not fully integrated with your systems. By migrating these applications to new technologies and reimplementing them, we can take them out of their isolation and connect them to your ecosystem.


High and Appropriate Technologies

Our team of developers master the most innovative technologies: ASP.NET MVC, C#, .Net framework, Visual Studio, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, React, Javascript, Knockout, Bootstrap, Angular, AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery, SASS, the best in the matter.

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