Discover Uzinakod

Our Story

Two former consultants in computer engineering with nearly 30 years of experience decided to create Uzinakod in 2014 to unify their know-how and affirm their desire to found a company in their image, accompanied by a workforce of high quality to your expectations.

The passion of coding and the field of new technologies makes it possible to develop a team of experts in computer science and to build its own laboratory in artificial intelligence.

In full expansion, Uzinakod advocates the human and the innovation and is recognized by its customers for quality work and the professionalism of its developers. The team is driven by a passion for customers, stimulating projects and challenges.

Our values

We consulted all our employees to establish values ​​that reflect the Uzinakod spirit.
Our team shares these values ​​and lives them daily through stimulating and exciting projects.


Innovation is one of our founding values, indispensable in our field which always calls for more performance. We strive to stimulate creativity and reinvent ourselves every day to strive for excellence and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.


Customer satisfaction is paramount and translates into the quality of the work and the respect of commitment that makes the Uzinakod reputation. Winning the trust of our customers is part of our objectives while providing the best solution adapted to their needs.


Expertise is essential at Uzinakod. We use the most up-to-date technologies on the market and we make sure that our employees are the best and bring their skills to rewarding projects.


The continuous development of employees is at the heart of our priorities. In a constantly evolving field, training is integrated into our best practices and allows us to be more efficient, effective and enthusiastic in our work.


A shared vision for the long term is what we have most in common. The passion of the web and the pleasure of exercising our professions light us and create a strong team spirit rooted in Uzinakod culture.


The work-life balance is a necessary Uzinakod component to the social well-being of employees. We give them all our confidence and the schedules are flexible!

Our team

Located in Montreal, Uzinakod offers its employees a pleasant and stimulating work environment with offices in the heart of Old Montreal, along the Lachine Canal. During expansion, we rely on diversity in our team of Developers and Data Scientists who leverage their intelligence, dedication, and passion to develop solutions to your IT problems.

  • Dominic Feron
    Dominic Feron Co-Founder & Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Sébastien Daupleix
    Sébastien Daupleix Co-Founder & Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Laura Barrera-Ruiz
    Laura Barrera-Ruiz Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Audrey Bassien-Capsa
    Audrey Bassien-Capsa Business Analyst
  • Mathieu Bédard
    Mathieu Bédard Senior Full-Stack Developer | Scrum Master
  • Aziz Bouhejba
    Aziz Bouhejba Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Vincent Camy-Debat
    Vincent Camy-Debat Full-Stack Developer
  • Steeve Cardinal
    Steeve Cardinal Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Mark Comeau
    Mark Comeau Senior Full-Stack Developer | Delphi Specialist
  • David Comeau-Cadieux
    David Comeau-Cadieux Full-Stack Developer
  • Bao-Tran Cong
    Bao-Tran Cong Intern Full-Stack Developer
  • Rafael Costa
    Rafael Costa Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Joanna Couturier
    Joanna Couturier Project Manager | Account Executive
  • Hicham Daou
    Hicham Daou Full-Stack Developer
  • Albert Dekermenjian
    Albert Dekermenjian Full-Stack Developer
  • Samuel Dubé
    Samuel Dubé Full-Stack Developer
  • Simon Dupéré
    Simon Dupéré Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Billy Hachem
    Billy Hachem Full-Stack Developer
  • Khouloud Haddaoui
    Khouloud Haddaoui Business Analyst Intern
  • William Henry
    William Henry Full-Stack Developer
  • Fabien Jolicoeur
    Fabien Jolicoeur Marketing coordinator
  • Fama Hélène Keinde
    Fama Hélène Keinde Full-Stack Developer
  • Érika Laplante
    Érika Laplante Human Resources Director, CHRP
  • Mikaël Leblanc
    Mikaël Leblanc Full-Stack Developer
  • Aurore Lenen
    Aurore Lenen Marketing & Communications Director
  • Christian Martel
    Christian Martel Director Consulting-Services & IT Implementations
  • Hugo Mehdaoui
    Hugo Mehdaoui Full-Stack Developer
  • Mylène Nadeau
    Mylène Nadeau Business Analyst – Service Now
  • Léon Pelletier
    Léon Pelletier Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Geneviève Marysette Pha
    Geneviève Marysette Pha Q/A Analyst
  • Julie Proteau
    Julie Proteau Full-Stack Developer Senior
  • Benoit Provost
    Benoit Provost Director of Software Development
  • Sébastien Richer
    Sébastien Richer Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Marc-André Robidoux
    Marc-André Robidoux Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Joseph Salem
    Joseph Salem CTO
  • Karine Salles
    Karine Salles Business Analyst
  • Michel Schreyer
    Michel Schreyer Full-Stack Developer
  • Matthias Sorin
    Matthias Sorin HRIS / HRMS Business Analyst
  • Mohammed Shoul
    Mohammed Shoul Full-Stack Developer
  • Olivier Trépanier-Desfossés
    Olivier Trépanier-Desfossés Full-Stack Developer
  • Gabriel Verville
    Gabriel Verville Full-Stack Developer
  • Andres Zamora
    Andres Zamora Full-Stack Developer

Our clients

Our main strength is our ability to adapt to precisely meet the expectations and needs of our customers. They carry out their functions in various sectors of activity such as the fields of finance, insurance, maritime transport, or even retail. Each project is unique and that is what drives our customer passion.

  • "In a context where new technologies are ubiquitous, Uzinakod acts as an excellent partner to carry out our development projects. Their team is involved in the success of each project just as if it was their own."

    Simon Allard | IT Director Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
  • "The business partners of this young company have demonstrated their know-how within our organization as part of the delivery of several projects offering a public showcase or having a significant impact on our members. In addition, Mr. Daupleix, a senior partner, has been in business relationship with the Groupement des assureurs automobiles for many years. His analytical and technical expertise, his business acumen, his professionalism to name just a few have greatly contributed to the success of our projects and the positive influence of projects put forward by our organization."

    Michel Ladéroute | Deputy Executive Director Groupement des Assureurs Automobiles
  • "As part of integration projects with tight and immutable deadlines, Uzinakod was able to deliver new features on time while respecting the allocated budget. The technical qualities of their resources and their professionalism make them a technological partner of choice."

    Luc Lavallée | Infrastructure and Administration Vice-president Renaud-Bray & Archambault