Where IT Team-Up With Human Resources!

Implementation of HR technology solutions by human resources experts.

At Uzinakod, not only do you benefit from a solid IT team, but also from human resources experts to support your talent acquisition and talent management projects.


HR Processes and Technologies Audit

Our tech-savvy talent acquisition and talent management experts conduct a thorough review of your HR processes and IT tools. You’ll benefit from many years of experience in various sectors to provide you with best practices and corrective solutions.

Implementation and Optimization
Oracle Taleo Business Edition and Taleo Enterprise Edition

Whether it is to guide you through the selection, implementation or optimization of HR technology solutions, Uzinakod will guide you step by step to ensure the success of your IT-HR projects.

Our team is composed of seasoned Taleo Enterprise Edition and Taleo Business Edition specialists who’ll assist you on the following modules:

Application tracking system

Employee records

Onboarding process and new employee portal

Deboarding process

Performance and compensation

Learning management system

Interconnection of HR Systems

Do you own several best-of-bread systems that require double or even triple data entry? Work with us to interconnect them, not only do you reduce the risk of errors, but above all, you’ll maximize your time for added-value tasks!

Career Sites Audit and Redesign – Welcome to the Miracles Department!

Your career site requires a makeover? You knocked on the right door! Uzinakod is the perfect combination of a solid team of web developers and employer branding experts. Not only do we conduct a thorough career site audit to ensure an optimal candidate experience, but we also offer solutions to bring it up to date and at par with your corporate website.

Dissatisfied with your Taleo career site? Rest assured that our experts can literally perform miracles, you will be pleasantly surprised! Believe us, it can be beautiful!

Training and Coaching

Need training or advice on how to use your HR tools? Just like our proximity support services, you’ll benefit from your very own assigned expert to offer personalized training and coaching sessions.

Lacking Time to Train Your New Employees?

Allow your new employees to start on the right foot. Entrust their training to our experts. By doing so, they’ll receive the best training on current best practices, thus ensuring the optimal use of your systems and your data’s integrity.

Proximity Support and Outsourcing Services

Whether it is for your occasional or recurring needs, our bilingual team is here to assist you. With our proximity support services you’ll be assigned your very own specialist. Reach your expert directly, no need to go through a ticket system. Not only does your assigned expert know your system inside out but he will be able to give you personalized support in no time.

Are You Experiencing a Shortage of HR Tech-Savvy Resources?

Delegate the administration of your system to experts who will maintain and monitor your system but, most importantly, ensure your data’s integrity. Since you use it to make business decisions, we understand it is critical to your organization!

Embrace Technology to Serve Human Resources

Geek and HR? Join us!

You realized that using technology to serve HR reduces the administrative burden, increases efficiency and allows better human interactions?
We are meant for each other!