How Can a HR Solution Help Your Business?

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COVID-19 has disrupted the activities of many fields and industries. Human resources are no exception. Recruiters have had to rely on digital tools to ensure the continuity of their operations and to facilitate the integration of new employees remotely. In this article, Christian Martel, HR expert at Uzinakod, explains how using a HR solution can help you optimize the human resources management of your company.

As you may know, human resources are often underfunded. The COVID-19 crisis presented the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a special budget to update your digital tools! Let’s discuss the main advantages of using a HR solution.


1 — Facilitate the Integration of New Employees with a Complete HRIS Software Solution

A HRIS (Human Resources Information System) software solution is a digital solution that optimizes a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes, and data. It allows for certain automatic administrative processes that are repetitive, without added value thanks to the multiple features of the software.

These features include recruitment and payroll, as well as the integration of new employees, including the hiring process. No one needs to waste time with paperwork and chase after people for a signature!

Before his first day, the employee will receive an e-mail with all the documents they need to read and fill out, the procedure for accessing the software, etc. This electronic process is the equivalence of the not so eco-friendly yellow envelope containing a pile of printed documents to be signed and returned. The HR department will then receive a notification when all the documents are filled out and can quickly proceed to adding the employee to the payroll.

Plus, the HR solution takes care of sending requests to the different departments of the company. For example, creating access cards or ordering supplies or equipment for the new employee.

Automating processes with an effective HR solution avoids a dry and overly administrative integration for the new employee. It helps the company be organized and prepares the newcomer for their new responsibilities.


2 — Remote Hiring Process

Uzinakod’s HR solution also includes a database gathering resumes and other information from candidates that were interviewed over the years. You can easily find what you need by using keywords. No more cabinet files overflowing with forms and CV’s!

A HRIS solution provides access to reports and data in real time. Why is it useful? Let’s take the example of the security industry during the COVID-19 crisis. Security guards were needed everywhere. As a result, close to 100 new people had to be hired monthly (not including guards who contracted the coronavirus and had to be removed from work). The use of a digital tool such as a HR solution would have simplified the remote hiring of security guards.


3 — Safe Dismissal

Automated processes minimize oversights and errors that may result in significant losses. How? By sending notifications to the various departments in order to instantly remove access and recover the equipment that belongs to the company. This feature prevents data theft from current and former employees.


Save the Equivalent of Weeks of Work per Year!

A HRIS software solution also works for small businesses. This tool will help you save, on average, the equivalent of several weeks of work per year. The implementation of the software includes technical support and advice on best practices to improve your company’s internal HR processes. The solution is user-friendly, which is a clear advantage for both administrators and employees and allows you to hire new staff members faster than your competitors.


Uzinakod combines not only specialists in the field of digital transformation, but also human resources experts who offer HR consulting services. Our great expertise allows us to fully understand our clients’ needs. Our solutions are designed to facilitate the daily duties of any human resources department.

Tell us about your HR challenges! We look forward to finding solutions for you and will send an expert your way to guide you through the process.

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