What’s Recruitment Like at Uzinakod?

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At Uzinakod, we hire people, not robots. Our recruitment process is thus very simple, welcoming… and fast! We frequently tell our candidates: don’t worry about our short interviews! What we want is to see your personality, interests and professional goals.

To give you an idea of the hiring process at Uzinakod, here’s a quick overview:

1 — Posting Job Offers

When new opportunities open, whether they’re new clients, new projects, or even the creation of jobs which we can’t fill with our internal talent, we post them on different platforms.

You can usually find our available posts on Indeed and our website. We also share the information on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook).

2 — Screening Applicants

Once we receive applications, we screen the CVs based on the requirements. This is also typically the stage where we’ll reach out to the candidate to schedule a call in the coming days.

3 — Telephone Interview

This is more of an informal discussion lasting around 20 minutes. I ask the candidate to describe their current and past professional experiences, to share with me what has led them to seek out a new challenge, and to give me an idea of their expectations, how they envision their next position, etc.

This is also an opportunity for me to go into a bit more detail on Uzinakod’s history and help the candidate understand what kind of business we are, why we are looking to expand our team with new talent, and the type of projects we undertake.

4 — In-Person Interview

We conduct the interview by Videoconference with a member of the technical team. A Teams link is sent to the candidate a few days before the appointment. Here we are looking to get a better idea of the candidate’s technological background, without relying on technical exams. Once again, this is more of a discussion. We might even laugh a little 😉.

By the way, if you don’t want to put your foot in your mouth during your interview, here are some tips. Take notes, these details matter 😉:
– Dominic: Don’t say anything bad about St-Eustache, Dom is particularly attached to his city of birth.
– Sébastien: Never say that the DELPHI is outdated, it’s Seb’s first love.
– Benoit: Don’t tell him you have too much feedback at work, he won’t believe you.

5 — Consideration and Follow-Up

Once we’ve made a decision, I will contact the candidate to let him or her know. If it’s a yes, we will also send a job offer by email with all the necessary details.


Things go pretty quickly after that. Uzinakod and the future employee agree on a starting date. After that, we sign the contract and we’ll be ready to welcome him or her to our team.

Livraison du matériel

If you are the chosen one, your equipment and work tools will be delivered to your home a few days before you start. For everything else, we hope you’ll feel right at home with us! 😊

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