Industrial and Mining

How can you take a smart, interconnected turn toward Industry 4.0 and create your competitive advantage?

Power your productivity with an integrated solution driven by AIoT technologies to monitor, analyze and control data in real time.

From application modernization to robotic process automation, every company has unique challenges. By mining the data with advanced analytics software, you identify the best scenarios and create added value.

Uzinakod surrounds itself with the best partners and offers an innovative turnkey solution that integrates with all your current systems.

The benefits of Industry 4.0
Zero downtime
Increased productivity and operational efficiency
Save time and money by optimizing your processes
Make quick and efficient decisions more easily
Considerable reduction of machine breakdown risk
Enhanced security
Drastic cost reduction
Predictive maintenance: identify and correct problems

Industry 4.0 means different things depending on your needs: elimination of paper, real-time monitoring and control of machines via sensors (vibration, temperature, etc.), introduction of intelligent processes and analysis of your data, process optimization through innovative software, and more.

Embracing 4.0 technologies is the best way to create an unprecedented competitive advantage.

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