Embedded System Services
Embedded System Services

Embedded System

Embedded systems are electronic devices integrated into objects. They typically consist of a microcontroller or microprocessor, memory, and electronic components, creating a self-contained unit designed for specific functions.

These technologies can be found in various aspects of our lives, from home automation devices and household appliances to car sensors and medical devices. They not only simplify our daily tasks but also reshape how we engage with the world around us.

At Uzinakod, our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating a new connected device or improving an existing product with smart features. From analyzing your needs to evaluating potential solutions and technologies, designing embedded systems, starting production, and providing post-deployment support, we are with you through every stage.

Our Embedded System Services
Opt for a complete, custom software solution for your IoT devices

Our experienced developers manage all software aspects of your solution, collaborating closely with our industry partners for seamless integration with hardware.

For prototyping or production, our experts can program any type of microcontrollers and integrate external components using various protocols (SPI, UART, I2C, etc.).

Transform your embedded system into an intelligent connected object

Working alongside our custom software development experts, our embedded specialists can create an intuitive mobile or web application allowing you to configure and manage your connected product, perform system updates, and gather statistics.

These will help you gain deeper insights into your users’ behavior and habits, allowing you to optimize your solution to better meet their needs.

Connect your physical objects to the virtual Cloud environment

Connecting to Cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, or others offers significant benefits including secure data storage, flexible access, and robust security measures, ensuring reliable integration.

Leveraging the power of the Cloud enhances the capabilities of embedded systems, enabling real-time analytics, advanced algorithms, and the seamless integration of Machine Learning services.

Experience a seamless, dynamic, and secure interaction between your devices and your IoT platform

Bidirectional communication not only facilitates the exchange of data between devices and the IoT platform but also the dynamic modification of device parameters. For example, the platform can send new configurations to specific sensors, adjusting their acquisition speed as needed.

This constitutes a crucial element in guaranteeing the efficiency and security of IoT solutions as it allows sending real-time security updates, ensuring that devices remain protected against potential threats at all times.

A Glimpse of Our Technologies

Why Uzinakod?

A Complete IoT Ecosystem

In partnership with Brioconcept, a leader in wireless connectivity product design and development, we deliver solutions tailored to meet industry requirements.

Proud Microsoft Partners

Our team of Microsoft-certified experts is equipped with the latest and most advanced technical skills in the market to provide you with high-quality service.

Made in Canada, No Outsourcing

Choosing our 360° IoT service ensures constant team accessibility, guaranteeing project success.

Turnkey IoT Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Our experienced experts will oversee your IoT project from beginning to end, streamlining and enhancing your transformation process.

Best Cybersecurity Practices

Uzinakod follows industry-leading cybersecurity standards to ensure data protection, identify threat, and strengthen security for your IoT products.

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