Transportation & Logistics

How can you rethink your current processes, applications and systems to reduce costs and add value to your business?

Invest in a winning digital strategy for automated and intelligent management of your operations.

Optimizing existing processes is one of the major challenges of the sector. Several technological solutions such as IoT devices for warehouses, robotics, advanced analytics and machine learning in logistics allow for the automation of often long and complex processes or the implementation of predictive maintenance of equipment.

Our Industry 4.0 specialists identify your specific needs and support you throughout the project to increase efficiency, reduce costs and save time.

The benefits of Supply Chain 4.0
Continuous improvement: risk anticipation and increased reactivity
Logistics optimization: end-to-end visibility and traceability
Improved customer experience and operational productivity
Accelerated growth and competitive advantage
Massive real-time data analysis
Trends and predictions (AI)
Data storage in the cloud
Cost reduction

It has been a very positive experience on the four projects we have done so far with Uzinakod.

Louis-Pierre Trottier, Director, Monitoring Center at CSL

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