Custom Cloud Software Development

Are you looking for a custom software development company capable of developing software tailored to the challenges of your establishment? Uzinakod can bring you a wide range of solutions adapted to your needs. We are aware that each company has its own issues: Uzinakod’s projects are therefore unique to each one.

Our goal is to offer you business strategies and bring about your digital transformation in order to keep you one step ahead of your direct competitors.

Do you have an idea in mind? Uzinakod is there to support you with Agile software development that will address the specificities of your business model.In collaboration with you, our development team supports you in your software development process with a clear vision: delivering you a turnkey solution that will perfectly meet your objectives. Uzinakod therefore participates in your business growth thanks to personalized software and custom cloud database solutions that will have the possibility to evolve with you.

Our Custom Software Development Services
Optimize your activities with a customized and easy-to-use application
Complete your goals faster and maximize your value with the cloud
Opt for the best solution that meets the business requirements of your activity

Our business analysts gather your needs and immerse themselves in your processes to translate them into requirements that will serve as a guide in the custom development phase of your solution. Through experience, they are also willing to challenge you and propose improvements in order to recommend the most suitable custom digital solutions for your reality.

Furthermore, Uzinakod takes your cybersecurity very seriously: data encryption and hosting, leak prevention, role management, and user permission are just a few of the aspects systematically offered in our solutions.

Join forces with a dedicated team and achieve your business goals

Our certified custom software developers are willing to assist your existing IT team in order to achieve your commercial and strategic objectives on time or to complement missing expertise related to the labour shortage. Thanks to a quick and efficient adaptation, each project is carried out with commitment and rigor in a collaborative approach with your professionals. Collaboration, mutual assistance, Agile development, and knowledge sharing are our watchwords!

Access a team that supports you from A to Z

Ideation, architecture design proposal, completion, delivery, user support, and change management are all steps with which we are familiar. With a DevOps practice combined with a proven project management approach, your IT initiative translates into measurable benefits. From analyzing your needs to producing your software development process and maintaining your new custom mobile application, our experts support you in all areas of your project for a pleasant client experience.

Why Uzinakod?

Made in Canada, No Outsourcing

You have direct access to your team at all times, ensuring the success of your project with a relevant approach.

Best Cybersecurity Practices

Uzinakod takes your cybersecurity very seriously: data hosting, leak prevention, etc. This aspect plays a crucial role in your digital transformation.

Proud Microsoft Partners

Our team of Microsoft-certified experts is equipped with the latest and most advanced technical skills in the market to provide you with high-quality service.

Proven Expertise

Our rigorous working method is recognized in several major industries.

Comprehensive, Human Approach

A business value-oriented approach with an attentive ability to listen to your needs, paired with transparent customer service and rigorous project follow-up.

Rigorous Methodological Approach

Our methodological approach allows us to guarantee quality IT solutions while respecting your development costs and deadlines.

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