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How can I adapt to strategic and digital challenges and make effective decisions in a volatile and unpredictable environment?

Opt for a solution that is adapted to your current problems and that highlights key elements via real-time data.

In the financial industry, keeping track of market trends and measuring risks is the lifeblood of the business. You need solutions that facilitate decision making by identifying key information from a multitude of data sources, and that let you to offer your customers a consistent digital experience.

At Uzinakod, we support your existing IT teams.

Your needs become our objectives
Simplification and automation of processes
Application of complex business rules
Reduced risk and costs
Optimization of customer service
Dashboards displaying real time data
Data security and privacy
Traceability of activities and changes
Responsiveness and decision making
Customer portal
Interfaces with external systems

The partners of this firm have demonstrated their expertise to our organization in the delivery of several projects that have a public face or significant impact on our members.

Michel Ladéroute, Assistant General Manager at Groupement des assureurs automobiles

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