O2 – Real Time Critical Data Viewing




2019 - 2023


In progress

Background: Canada Steamship Lines, a division of The CSL Group, operates a modern fleet of vessels and provides innovative and high-capacity shipping solutions to their customers every day on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, as well as internationally.

The Solution

Includes amongst other things, to support the crew of a ship (efficient maneuvering, decision-making, automation of procedures, hazard awareness) with sensors installed on board. But also the data collection and display on a dedicated interface, customized and updated in real time by satellite connectivity.

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Support for mandate execution and technology
Project management and risk management
Data security
Maintenance and ongoing support

Uzinakod is a very competent company, with a high degree of autonomy in the delivery of its tasks, allowing us at CSL to concentrate on other aspects of the project.

Louis-Pierre Trottier, Director, Monitoring Center at CSL
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