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Web-Based Commercial Lease Management Platform






4 months

Background: LeaseHub is a start-up that aims to enable commercial tenants to optimize access to their lease information. Their expertise lies in the management and operation of commercial leases for the rental market.

The Challenges

Develop a collaborative web platform for managing commercial leases, incorporating OCR technology to recognize and extract information from documents.

Integrate a dashboard to give visibility on the entire data collected, as well as a chatbot to enable direct access to the information included in the lease.

Integrate and implement ChatGPT into a lease context for web usage.
Identify the changes made to the information compared to what should be preserved from the previous version.
Convert a variable-format PDF into structured data suitable for integration into a BI dashboard.

The Solution

Create an interface for error management to automate the processing, verification, and dispatch of data.

Use segmented mailings to spot anomalies more easily.

Plateforme web de gestion de baux commerciaux de LeaseHub

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Support for the execution of the mandate and technology
Agile project management
Web platform development
Chatbot creation and AI functionality integration
Dashboard creation and BI report implementation
Data security

You have a fantastic team whose quality of work and attitude really make your company shine.

Jean-Philippe Doré, Cofounder at LeaseHub
Ville de Terrebonne, Uzinakod's client
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