Development of a Data Science Platform for Energy Trading


Energy Sector


2015 - 2023


In progress

The Project: Retrieve and standardize data from different web APIs to store it in an Azure data warehouse and make this information (weather, energy production, multi-year energy consumption history) available. Further, an artificial intelligence engine permits forecasts of these large volumes of data.

The Results

Billions of data points automatically updated in real time
A web platform facilitating data analysis
A customizable alert system
A data prediction system using artificial intelligence
An automated system for pre-programmed analysis

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Consulting and analysis
Strategic planning
Artificial intelligence
Development of a custom web platform
Maintenance and support

The energy sector must adapt to technological changes. For this to happen, support for new artificial intelligence engines becomes essential to optimizing internal strategies, improving predictions, anticipating risks, and thus reducing costs.

Hugo Mehdaoui, Business Intelligence Developer at Uzinakod
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