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2022 – 2023


4 months

Background: dcbel was founded on the principle that everyone should benefit from a better source of energy through technology without restriction or adverse effects.

The goal is to research and develop technology while designing products that will help fulfill their commitment to creating clean, efficient, and sustainable energy that is accessible to all.

The Challenges

Creating a client portal enabling the management and visualization of charging station data in real time.

B2C authentication
Real-time data visualization
Application compatible with iOS and Android platforms
Push notification
Custom native visual components
Visual animations

The Solution

The mobile application will allow dcbel’s clients to visualize energy flows, station status, and several other important metrics and statisticsrelated to energy consumption and the ecological footprint of the charging station.

Users will also be able to make several adjustments to optimize the costs associated with charging connected electric vehicles.

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Analysis and consulting
Setting up a team of expert developers
Multi-platform mobile development

A company of talented people. To consider for the development of your ambitious software products.

Andrei Holmak, Team Lead Developer at dcbel
Next project

Development of a Data Science Platform for Energy Trading

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