Jacques de Champlain Foundation, Uzinakod's client

“AED-Quebec” Mobile Application


Fondation Jacques-de Champlain


2022 – 2023


8 months

Background: The Jacques de Champlain Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to improving resuscitation care in the province of Quebec, especially quick and easy public access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

The Challenges

Provide the general public with access to a mobile platform for geolocation, viewing and adding available AEDs.

Seamless integration with Salesforce
Reuse of the same code base for both iOS and Android
Simple, user-friendly design for easier use in an emergency context
Process improvement for adding AEDs to the platform to promote its use
Guide stakeholders towards a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) mentality

The Solution

Deliver a solution that allows for the simple and efficient addition and viewing of available AEDs, using a map and the user’s geolocation. Enable the deployment of mobile applications on the Google and iOS stores.

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Overseeing the project and technology
Analysis and consulting
Solution architecture
Project planning
Project and risk management
Ongoing maintenance and support

I feel very fortunate to have been involved in a project like this. It’s really motivating to have the opportunity to work on a project in the health sector and even more so for a Foundation such as this. Knowing that we have a direct impact on people’s lives and that the application can contribute to their chance of survival is a great source of pride. Moreover, working on a mobile application project has also allowed us to take on great challenges as a team.

Catherine Lalonde, Business Analyst | Project Manager at Uzinakod
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