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18 months

Background: Akinox strives to improve the wellbeing of our global family with advancements in telehealth guided by a world-embracing vision.

The Challenges

Particularly tight deadline: meet the Quebec government’s expectations in record time to establish a reliable system available to the population.

Mass data: record volume of data processed throughout Quebec, and record number of connections
Implementation of QR codes
Data security
Sending of text messages and emails
Setting up the Quebec lottery contest
International standards management
Compliance with FHIR (HL7) and Smart Health Card (SHC) standards

The Solution

In collaboration with government authorities, structure the QR code using international health standards such as FIHR 4.0.1 (HL7) and Smart Health Card (SHC). Only the minimal information for each patient (vaccines administered, COVID-19 positive results, medical exemptions) needed to be included in the solution.

The QR code developed by Uzinakod for proof of vaccination

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Overseeing the project and technology
Analysis and consulting
Project planning
Project and risk management
Data security
Ongoing deployment
Ongoing maintenance and support

In collaboration with Akinox, I have had the chance to direct the project behind the creation and the distribution of Quebec’s vaccinal proof with QR code. Advanced technologies were used to manage a high volume of data transfer in a secure way. To be working on such an important and high-visibility project is a unique experience that I will remember throughout my entire career.

Mathieu Bédard, Assistant Software Development Director at Uzinakod
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