Cloud-Based Claims Management Web Application


Fonds d'assurance responsabilité professionnelle de l'Ordre des pharmaciens (FARPOPQ)


2020 - 2021


6 months

Background: The mission of the Fund is to adequately insure, on a non-profit basis and with long-term security, professional liability related to practicing the profession of pharmacist in the territory of Quebec.

The Challenges

Migration of existing data
Integration with two external data bases
Adding a reporting and document functionality

The Solution

Replace the Windows application used by the FARPOPQ to process files of incidents that occurred during the exercise of a pharmacist’s duties. The FARPOPQ application was essentially based on manual data entry: follow-up on the files thus relied heavily on the rigor of the data entry users.

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Business and functional analysis
Web platform development
Digital transformation: switch to a cloud application
Integration with third-party systems
Maintenance and support

Our company had to undertake a complete redesign of our claims management system, and called on Uzinakod to help us. The business analyst assigned to our project demonstrated exemplary listening, analysis and synthesis skills, making it easy for us to follow the project with clarity and control. The team of developers was available and committed throughout the process, producing a final result that met our expectations in terms of efficiency, solidity and security.

Carmina Magana Lima, Directrice des réclamations et de la souscription Expert en sinistre at Fonds d'assurance responsabilité professionnelle de l'Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec
Akinox, Uzinakod's client
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