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By Joanna May 3, 2021
In collaboration with Sébastien

On the Way to a New Project, Get on Board Right Away!

At Uzinakod we are right beside you in your projects, renovating your tools, innovation and performance to better serve your teams. This journey we’re taking together will be smooth sailing.

Leading a new project is a challenge that we are passionate about, it’s what we like to do, and we like to do it with peace of mind. As such, it’s important for us to provide you with a highly secure framework by having clear and rigorous direction. We set the bar high so as not to leave anything to chance: planning, budgets and scope are taken into account from the start, and you have visibility at all times. With this solid approach, we closely manage the operational part of the project to meet your strategic challenges.

The Success of Your Project Is Always in Sight

Our goal is to provide you with useful, efficient tools. Just like going on a road trip, we are planning an itinerary and a schedule with an enthusiastic team that is eager to get started.

Here’s a look at what’s up ahead, and how we are going to respond:

Anticipating and managing these risks is our job, and we know how to deal with them easily. All risk is controlled by an action plan.

nouveau projet changement priorité


  • Product Vision
  • Planning Adjustments
  • Budgetary Impact

We conduct our projects in Agile mode, and the very basis of this methodology adapting to changes. We make sure that we can adjust and review the organization according to priorities in collaboration with our teams and the Product Owner.

In addition, we provide the team with a project manager who ensures that the project runs smoothly.

We prioritize customer satisfaction: having a solution that reflects the customer’s image and provides real added value in its operational and strategic processes is our mission.

PO Central Role


  • Prioritizing
  • Expectation Management
  • Go-To Contact Person
  • Facilitates Communication

The Product Owner has a pivotal role with the customer. They are the point of reference for the project team: the one who establishes priorities and has the mandate to do so, the one who knows which resource can answer specific questions, the one who represents the interests of the client and the parties involved, and the one who ensures that the project meets expectations.

The team supports the Product Owner throughout the project with different strategies, tactics and meetings.



  • Functionality Compliance
  • Project Impact

At Uzinakod, we have communities of experts available for the project teams. This allows us to quickly solve the most difficult technical problems, or get timely advice on technological challenges.

Between our solution architects, our analysts and the Product Owner, we promptly adjust our focus according to user feedback.

Additions and Discoveries


  • Impact on Priorities
  • Impact on Schedule and Budget
  • Impact on Architecture

Analysis is done in parallel with development and not upstream, as in the past. This approach increases project quality and accelerates the time to value delivery.

A project thus guarantees additions and discoveries; it is rare to have a precise and unchanging vision of the needs from the outset of the project.

We leave room for these unforeseen events in order to identify them and give the required visibility to the Product Owner, who can adjust the budget.

ajustement planning


  • Impact on Load for Development Teams
  • Impact on Capacity

We are committed to providing maximum visibility to our customers. To do so, we establish follow-up procedures as well as dialogue points to report any risk of delay.

The importance we give to communication within the team allows us to anticipate or correct any delay: adding resources to the project, optimizing processes, etc.

Quality Improvment


  • Quality Contract Between Uzinakod and the Product Owner

We systematize tests throughout the development process to secure the project and the delivery of a high-performance application:

  • Cross-testing between developers and user acceptance tests
  • Presence of a quality assurance agent on the project responsible for the implementation of tests and their proper conduct for a rapid detection of anomalies and the assurance of the implementation of an application of excellent quality
Transition nouvelle solution Uzinakod


  • Users with their own Habits

We set up a communication and change-management plan with the Product Owner very early in the project to ensure that users are on board.

Their participation as points of contact on the various project sites also contributes to a very high adoption rate.

Why Is Risk Management So Important to Us?

Because a project is not always a long quiet cruise, we want to be prepared for any situation so we can make the best decisions and give you peace of mind on your project. You can build and prepare your organization while we equip you by securing all aspects of the project.

We promise transparency in all our business relationships, it is a real pledge of trust and it is one of the reasons our projects succeed.


Contact us to discuss about your project!

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