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Supervision Application Rewriting


Commonwealth Plywood


2023 - 2024


In progress

Background: Commonwealth Plywood is a fully integrated woodwork products company involved in timber management and harvesting across territories spanning over 25,000 square kilometers.

The Challenges

Ensure the performance and durability of Supervision, an on-premise application that uses an algorithm to optimize sheet wood cutting across multiple mills in Quebec.

Testing can only be conducted on the customer's premises
Analyzing the code is challenging because it has gone through several prior development phases, making it more complex

The Solution

Rewrite and migrate the existing Access application to an on-premise Blazor MAUI solution, and improve the user experience by introducing a modern and intuitive interface.

The end product should retrieve data from the specified sheet, optimize the most efficient cut to minimize waste and the number of cuts, and then transmit this information to the PLC for execution, all with the goal of minimizing production costs.

Supervision, Commonwealth Plywood's application for optimizing sheet wood cutting

The Technologies Used

Our Services

Technical analysis
Solution architecture
Software rewriting
Quality assurance

It’s a real pleasure to support a company like Commonwealth Plywood in achieving its digital transformation objectives. Our team was able to understand and meet the complex challenges of this project, improving the performance of the sheet wood cutting algorithm, mainly by switching from an outdated technology (VB6) to .NET 7.

Olivier Trépanier-Desfossés, Software Architect at Uzinakod
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