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Tech Report – Choosing ABP.IO: Our Software Architects’ Prime Pick for 2024

In today’s digital landscape, many businesses aim to market a mobile, web, or desktop application. Developing an effective app can be challenging, but Uzinakod’s skilled software architects and developers can count on ABP.IO to deliver excellent performance and flexibility. Its unique strength lies in using the same code base for deploying these three types of applications, making it a standout choice in the software development field.

Navigating the challenges of mobile app development is a given, but the ABP.IO framework revolutionizes the approach by helping us simplifying our processes. While conventional methods may dictate the development and deployment of distinct applications for iOS and Android, ABP.IO breaks the mold, enabling the use of a unified code base. This approach empowers us to integrate platform-specific elements, like permissions management for accessing phone features (e.g., photos), all within a singular and efficient development framework.

Ready to discover how ABP.IO can propel your projects to new heights of productivity and efficiency?

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What is the ABP.IO platform?

As a royalty-free platform and open-source framework, ABP.IO is designed to streamline and expedite the development of web, mobile, and desktop applications. Its distinguishing feature lies in equipping developers globally with the essential tools to create high-quality, scalable applications. Whether you’re a startup aiming for a quick product launch or an established company seeking to modernize its systems, ABP.IO offers tailored solutions to meet a wide range of needs.

The platform not only excels in functionality but also mirrors and anticipates contemporary development trends. And as you can see, it stands as Uzinakod’s benchmark multi-platform development framework. In practical terms, it allows us to:

  • Reduce our development time
  • Adapt our solutions to match the platform(s) preferred by our clients
  • Employ a unified integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Utilize a single development language for both back-end and front-end, like C#

Needless to say, it’s a significant step forward for our teams! In short, ABP.IO redefines the approach to application development, focusing on productivity, flexibility and quality. And our experts won’t tell you otherwise.

The Future of Application Development

ABP.IO stands as an invaluable asset for developers committed to constant innovation and process optimization. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the field, we provide an immersive experience into the core fundamentals of the solution.

The ABP.IO Benefits

ABP.IO empowers you with a range of features designed to create tailored solutions, automate processes, and effectively harness the full potential of your data. Let’s shine a spotlight on these key benefits:

A Multi-Platform Code Base
ABP.IO offers the advantage of a unified code base for both mobile and web applications. The framework also allows you to define classes with implementations containing platform-specific code. For example, you can request permission to access geolocation on both iOS and Android seamlessly.

Domain Driven Design (DDD)
The platform’s code infrastructure ensures a robust code separation among the presentation (visual), application (service), and domain (database access) layers. An additional benefit is ABP.IO’s capability to generate the API directly from the application layer, significantly minimizing development effort!

Automatic Code Generation From Templates
ABP.IO stands out with its impressive capability to automatically generate code from templates, streamlining the quick creation of standardized screens like lists, creation forms, modification interfaces, and deletion forms all tailored to a specific object or database table. ABP.IO extends its support for code generation across all crucial development layers, including the database, back-end services, visual components, and user interfaces. Moreover, the flexibility to modify templates allows for personalized adjustments, such as incorporating date conversion based on time zone preferences.

Social Media Authentification
ABP.IO adds the ability to connect with authentication to an external social network such as Facebook, Google, X, LinkedIn and so on. This eliminates the need for users to create a new account on the platform, enabling them to seamlessly utilize their existing social network credentials for authentication.

Light and Dark Themes
ABP.IO incorporates LeptonX themes depending on various libraries including Font Awesome, Bootstrap, Luxon, and others. These themes include branding, a main menu, toolbar, alerts, and hook layouts, providing the flexibility to insert custom visual components at specific points within your layout.

Encapsulating The Framework’s Source Code
Recognizing the complexities associated with maintaining and updating frameworks, ABP.IO adopts a strategy that safeguards the source code, preventing direct modifications by developers. This approach ensures the integrity and stability of the framework, mitigating potential complications arising from uncontrolled alterations. It’s noteworthy that, with a Business or Enterprise license, users have the option to access the source code, allowing for customization of components, pages, and services as needed.

A Single Language for The Visual and Service Layers
ABP.IO allows developers to code in a unified language for all layers, including both service and presentation, namely C# at Uzinakod. Traditionally, application development demanded proficiency in diverse languages for various layers, often resulting in complications and delays. ABP.IO eliminates this constraint, streamlining the development process.

ABP.IO platform functionality diagram
Source: https://blog.abp.io/abp/open-source-web-application-development-framework

A Multitude of New Features to Be Discovered

While various platforms exist to accelerate development, ABP.IO stands out for its fundamental functionality and diverse range of real-life use cases, making it a preferred choice.

  • Text Template: In the corporate world, generating personalized documents or emails tailored to individual users is a common necessity. ABP.IO offers the possibility of customizing text templates and configuring them within the platform, enabling content to be adapted quickly and precisely.
  • Sending E-mail and Text Messages: ABP.IO simplifies communication with the implementation of email and SMS, eliminating the complexities of email programming. To leverage this functionality, ensure the SMTP server is configured with MailKit for email, and set up a server for SMS using Twilio, both integrated into the platform.
  • Feature Flag: ABP.IO provides an effective solution for managing the availability of specific features to targeted user groups, such as beta users or those involved in early testing. By utilizing feature flags, the platform allows developers to deploy features under development or test new functionalities in production without making them available to all users.
  • Background Processes: In some cases, certain operations are more resource-intensive or need to be executed at specific intervals. ABP.IO addresses such requirements by providing background jobs for demanding operations or scheduled tasks, along with background workers for continuous processes like application log cleanup or managing inactive users. Notable integrations include Hangfire, RabbitMQ, and Quartz.
  • Event Bus: ABP.IO also supports event-based programming, allowing the selection of a local event bus. This implies that both the subscriber service and the sender service must be executed within the same service for seamless communication.
  • String Encryption: ABP.IO addresses security concerns associated with handling sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers (SINs), by offering an integrated encryption service.
  • Auto Mapper: ABP.IO simplifies the task of mapping objects from one type to another. With this feature, properties with matching names in source and destination objects are automatically mapped, eliminating the need for manual mapping specifications. When properties don’t directly align or require specific processing, developers can simply specify these exceptions, making customization more intuitive.
  • User Management: With role and permission management, ABP.IO equips the platform with essential tools for efficiently managing the functionalities accessible to each user.
  • Date Conversion System: For developers navigating the complexities of managing dates and times, ABP.IO offers invaluable services for facilitating time zone conversion. Our recommended best practice involves having the server in UTC and converting the presentation layer based on the end-user’s time zone.
  • Data Distribution by Organization Unit: With the ability to manage users within a configurable organizational structure, ABP.IO allows for the configuration of self-service data access control. This is a situation frequently encountered by our clients, where it is necessary to segment access to data and functionalities according to the role of each user within the organizational structure. For example, a department manager may have different access levels compared to their assistant.
  • Data Distribution by Tenant: This feature serves as a crucial asset in developing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, allowing each platform client to have its unique distribution of data and functionalities.
  • Concurrency Check Service: ABP.IO presents a robust solution for handling concurrency in applications, a task that can be complex when done manually. The platform provides the option to choose between optimistic control (where the second to save loses its changes) or pessimistic control (locking the entity to prevent conflicts during saving).
  • Audit Logs: ABP.IO records all modifications, allowing you to track who modified what value, on which day, and even at what time. Going beyond, the platform also logs every HTTP request and response, including their duration, offering comprehensive insights into application performance and facilitating the identification and resolution of network problems.

A Key Platform for Developers

As evident from its user-friendly interface, versatility, and substantial benefits in core functionality, ABP.IO stands out as a development platform that enhances our competitiveness in the market by accelerating our development time.

We chose this platform because of its simple integration with MAUI, allowing us to effectively address the demand for multi-platform applications. Leveraging the synergies of MAUI and ABP.IO, we can now deploy a diverse range of high-performance applications from a unified code base, catering to desktop, iOS, Android, or web platforms.

If you find yourself uncomfortable or lacking the available personnel to kickstart your digital transformation, contact our experts. We are here to guide you through every step, helping you transform challenges into opportunities.

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