By Fabien Jan 5, 2023

2022 Retrospective — A Defining Year in Uzinakod’s History

We won’t pretend to compete with Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped, but we’d still like to take a look back at our company highlights of 2022.

Our teams spared no effort to deliver quality projects while our HR and Marketing department put forward a bunch of new ideas to make Uzinakod even more attractive.

Don’t wait any longer! Read on to find out how busy we’ve been in 2022! #uzinakodwrapped

A Team That Doubled in Size!

Did we expect to grow in 2022? Absolutely. Did we think we’d double in size in such a short time? Not really. We’re extremely proud of our achievements despite all the challenges that came with such a rapid growth. A number of initiatives were put forward throughout the year, including changes to the company’s structure, the integration of new tools, the diversification of communication methods, and the introduction of new policies.

Uzinakod started the year with about 40 employees and ended it with a total of 83! What can we expect in 2023?

Reaching New Heights With International Recruitment

Since we started taking part in the Journées Québec in Paris back in 2019, we haven’t stopped recruiting talent from all over the world (full disclosure: the majority of them are from France). Our HR and Marketing team not only supports each recruit throughout their immigration process but also helps them get settled in Quebec.

And we hope to attract more candidates in 2023!

Rétrospective 2022 - Recrutement international

A Global Telecommuting Policy That Actually Works

Uzinakod officially launched a new telecommuting policy that allows employees to work 17 weeks outside of Quebec, and it’s made some people very happy!

You dream of escaping the hardships of winter? Of working in a (suitable) sun-filled location and ending your days with a dip in the ocean? Don’t worry; we get it. We even wrote an article titled Working Remotely from Abroad: How to Make It Work. Go check it out!

Office Expansion

Remember back in March 2020 when we tripled our office space just before the pandemic. Spectacular timing, right? Well, last summer we asked our employees what they thought of the office and what would motivate them to come in more often.

Last fall, we decided to annex the space next door so that we would have a little more room to welcome our numerous recruits and meet their needs! The upshot? More natural light, additional meeting rooms and extra space to take individual calls.

It was the first step in encouraging our colleagues to come to the office. Of course, we won’t stop there! Let’s catch up in a few months… 😉

Rétrospective 2022 - bureaux

A Company Culture That’s as Strong as Ever

Everyone at Uzinakod is particularly pleased with the positive vibe that characterizes their workplace. Given the realities of hybrid work and the significant growth we experienced in 2022, our biggest challenge has been to maintain and even strengthen this atmosphere.

As a result, a new Culture Team was created out of our three-employee social committee!

“With so many employees, we needed a more solid and unified framework to organize our events and take care of all the small gifts we send out throughout the year.”
– Maëva Visentin, Culture and Talent Coordinator

Last year’s activities included:

  • Themed happy hours (board games, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween)
  • Family day in an orchard
  • Lunches on patios and festivals such as PoutineFest
  • Chocolate croissants for breakfast on a regular basis
  • Our ever-popular Christmas party

We also launched an awesome new initiative in 2022: Box Office Wednesdays. On the second Wednesday of each month, employees take part in a lucky draw for a chance to win event tickets with other colleagues. Last year, winners got to attend a CF Montréal game, the Gardens of Light event, a Montréal Canadiens game, and Van Gogh: Distortion, an immersive exhibition presented by OASIS Immersion.

Rétrospective 2022 - Mercredi Billetterie

Increased Visibility During Events

Last year, we decided to showcase our skills at two well-known trade shows: Connexion and Stratégies PME . Let’s just say we didn’t go unnoticed!

Not only were we noticed but we were also heard. In June, our colleagues Cédric and Jean-Sébastien delivered a presentation titled From the Chicken to the Cloud, a case study in the field of IoT, at Salon Connexion.

In November, we delivered two other presentations at the Stratégies PME event. The first one, Investing in Custom Software: How to Obtain a High-Quality Tool, was presented by Joanna and Dominique. Next, Érika and Sarah from HR presented Growing Your Company: What Are the Biggest Challenges You’ll Face Once You Hit the 50-Employee Milestone? As mentioned above, this was a very appropriate topic for us this year!

Rétrospective 2022 - Événements

New Clients, New Projects, New Skills

You’ve heard a lot about our corporate culture, but now’s the time to take a look at our sales and project teams, who’ve also been very busy over the past year.

By the end of 2022, we had either completed or were working on more than twenty different projects, some of which already have new phases lined up in the coming year.

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with new clients operating in a number of exciting business sectors. Our specialists have notably acquired expertise in mining while refining their skills in the healthcare sector. We’d like to this opportunity to mention two projects that are close to our hearts, those with the Jacques de Champlain Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.

“The healthcare sector holds a special place in our hearts because our solutions can, in certain cases, save people’s lives. This has a major impact on our society and is a real source of pride.”
– Sébastien Daupleix, CEO | Cofounder

But we didn’t stop there. In the fall, we launched a brand new service: Business Intelligence. With so many projects underway and even more to come, we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us!

Rétrospective 2022 - Bureaux


Retrospectives allow us to acknowledge all the successful efforts our teams have put in throughout the year, especially those that can easily be overlooked on a day-to-day basis.

After reading this article, it’s safe to say that 2022 was a turning point in Uzinakod’s history.

We’d like to thank our clients and partners for their continued support, not to mention all the teams at Uzinakod for their excellent and valuable work.

We’re ready for 2023! Contact us today to tell us about your new projects. Together, we can make sure the coming year is as memorable as the last.

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