Custom Business Intelligence Services

Growing your business means using your data wisely and effectively. At Uzinakod, our BI experts offer you customized support for the implementation of successful business intelligence services that are tailored to the needs of your organization.


How can a business intelligence solution help you?

Business intelligence (also known as BI) aims to facilitate informed decision-making. As a decision maker, you’ll need to have relevant, real-time valuable insight at your disposal in an easy-to-view, self-serve format. We therefore offer you a customized BI solution that lives up to your ambitions!

Our BI Services
Enjoy self-serve access to key data from your business

Our BI experts design the architecture of your business intelligence solution from the ground up, allowing for better data governance, from data ingestion (to the cloud via a data lake or data warehouse) to data modelling and accurate reporting. This architecture is tailor-made, designed for you to better meet your needs.

Without modifying your analytics systems already in place, we connect to your data sources to offer you, in the end, interactive dashboards on tools such as Power BI. You’ll benefit from greater autonomy and see an improvement in your performance!

Modernize your data management for better performance

Our experts can help you migrate existing data and integration processes to modern infrastructure. We offer you a secure and scalable framework tailored to the use of your company, whatever your data culture (from Excel files to on-premises databases).

Focus on your core business and leave the infrastructure management to us. Uzinakod handles all aspects of the migration: from planning to evaluation, compatibily, and implications for existing applications and processes, as well as security and compliance.

Automate your data integration processes for greater efficiency

Our team can also help you transfer your source data to a new cloud destination, namely through ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) processes. These integration flows can be programmed at a specific frequency according to your needs, whether your data come from sensors, databases, the web, or various types of media. Such an integration allows you to centralize and consolidate your data to offer your employees, users, and partners a single source of truth.

Centralize your company’s existing data in a secure location

Our business intelligence specialists can help you create custom data lakes or data warehouses that meet the needs of each of your departments. You’ll benefit from the full power of the cloud, regardless of your data volume.

By relying on the internal data history combined with external sources such as economic conditions, predictive data analysis allows companies to anticipate future trends and make business decisions based on reliable and relevant estimates. The strategic use of predictive intelligence combined with targeted data collection allows organizations to optimize their operations, improve their strategies, and reduce the costs related to wasted time or poor decisions.

Get the most out of big data by transforming it into actionable insights

Thanks to a multidimensional analysis of your data, you’ll be able to have a clear view of your reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) on a self-serve basis, whether it’s through the Power BI application or a personalized reporting solution.

The dashboards set up by our experts present charts, performance indicators, and other advanced analysis tools, and enhance decision-making and the discovery of business opportunities. These operational processes allow you to save valuable time on the accomplishment of your missions and will help you make better strategic decisions.

The advantages of our BI solution services

We are more than developers; we are growth partners, whatever the size or field of your business. Our extensive experience and knowledge of businesses (SMEs and large businesses, transportation, logistics, human resources, etc.) allow us to offer you customized business intelligence services tailored to your needs and situation.

For example, business intelligence offers human resources professionals in-depth analyses of labour market trends, which allows them to make informed workforce planning decisions. 360° support by a trusted team with human values is an asset that contributes to your growth. Our services can be applied to any other department of the company, regardless of its line of business.

Uzinakod designs the most suitable business intelligence solution

Regardless of the industry, competition, market, or strategies, our business intelligence experience supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning (MLOps approaches, predictive maintenance, etc.) drives the development of your business and new opportunities.

Why Uzinakod?

Made in Canada, No Outsourcing

You have direct access to your team at all times, ensuring the success of your project with a relevant approach

A BI Solution with a Customized Approach

A business value-oriented approach with an attentive ability to listen to your needs, paired with transparent customer service and rigorous project follow-up.

Industry-Leading, State-of-the-Art Technologies

Our expertise relies on solutions such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks and Azure Analysis Services and is kept up to date.

Proud Microsoft Partners

Our team of Microsoft-certified experts is equipped with the latest and most advanced technical skills in the market to provide you with high-quality service.

Your Databricks Partner in Montreal

Our partnership with Databricks empowers our BI and AI experts to create innovative data processing and analysis solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients.

Best Cybersecurity Practices

Uzinakod takes your cybersecurity very seriously: data hosting, leak prevention, etc. This aspect plays a crucial role in your digital transformation.

Proven Expertise

Our rigorous working method is recognized in several major industries.

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