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By Érika Mar 17, 2021

The Intern’s Journey as Experienced by Bao and Vincent

Since the very beginning, Uzinakod has been keen to give interns the chance to join its ranks and learn in a favourable environment. In addition to offering paid internships, we provide concrete projects, outstanding guidance from an assigned internship supervisor, as well as continuous support and friendly assistance from the team. In fact, we consider this to be a great added value for Uzinakod, as nearly 90% of our interns are subsequently offered permanent employment.

So what better way to give you an idea of what an internship at Uzinakod is like than to read some real-life stories? We asked our most recent interns to talk about their experiences.

Describe a Typical Day as an Intern at Uzinakod.

Bao-Tran Cong

Bao, student in Software Engineering at ÉTS, in internship until August 2021

We work with the Agile methodology.

My day always starts with a meeting that usually lasts 15 minutes. This provides an overview of the previous day’s progress, and what will be done today.

Depending on the day, I have different meetings to estimate the score of the features, assign them, discuss technical solutions and give feedback on the sprint.

Apart from these meetings, migrating tables and populating them, doing technical analysis, implementing features, writing tests, reviewing and deploying code and giving demos are all part of my daily tasks.

Vincent Camy-debat

Vincent, graduate in Computer Science (AEC) at the Teccart Institute, newly permanent employee

I was lucky enough to arrive right after a project started and follow it through to delivery! My typical day begins by meeting the team and the client in order to know where everyone is at, what we are working on, and if we are stuck somewhere. These meetings bring a lot to the work dynamics! We then spend the rest of the day working on an item, until the delivery.

My internship supervisor, Mathieu, accompanied me a lot during the first weeks, and the rest of the team was always available if I had any difficulties.

Once the first delivery of the project was done, the resolving bugs and improving the application occupied our days more.

How Was Your Integration into the Team?

Bao-Tran Cong

Team spirit immediately comes to mind! All the employees I have met are willing to lend a hand when you need it. Asking questions is not seen as a burden, but instead is encouraged, which is reassuring in the beginning.

Also, there is time allotted for non-work-related discussions, play sessions and learning workshops. I was fortunate to be part of an excellent team, and to have been very well received and assisted!

Vincent Camy-debat

Beyond my own small team, the company goes to great lengths to strengthen our sense of belonging.

Is Physical Distance (Not Being at the Office) an Obstacle to Your Internship? If So, Why?

Bao-Tran Cong

No, it really wasn’t. I arrived at Uzinakod during the lockdown period and was provided with all the tools I needed to work (including a chair 😉). With the headset on, the team meetings, the availability of everyone and especially the good attitude of the team, the impact of not being in the office was minimal. On a more technical level, screen sharing is an indispensable tool. Personally, I find it even easier to work remotely.

Vincent Camy-debat

On the contrary! Despite the lack of real contact with others, working from home was never a challenge. In addition to the advantages such as the travel time saved, working remotely through Teams allowed us to function very well. I am also fortunate to be comfortable working from home. Having had to do 80% of my training from home, I was still well organized!

Being the father of a wonderful and very energetic little girl, there were obviously times when it was more complicated, especially at the beginning of my internship, when the daycare decided to close. I salute and thank the patience of the rest of the team and Mathieu, because I was much less available for 2-3 weeks.

What Do You Take Away from Your Experience as an Intern at Uzinakod?

Bao-Tran Cong

Before my internship at Uzinakod, I had no Web experience. Week by week, I have taken on new challenges so that I can constantly improve. What’s really cool is that when someone comes up with something, the team isn’t afraid to try it. As an employee, this is very empowering, and you feel like your opinions matter.

Having said that, what I particularly liked was the trust that was given to me. At first there were some tasks that I didn’t think I could do, but it didn’t take long, and I found myself with a lot of responsibility.

Vincent Camy-debat

The most striking thing about working at Uzinakod is the incredible atmosphere. You are really welcomed with open arms, and you laugh a lot. You have all the necessary tools to work comfortably, you feel listened to, and you feel supported by talented people.

Another positive point, having worked in different types of structures, I have never seen such excellent communication between the different departments/trades. Everyone is extremely available, you really feel the objective and the desire to work all in the same direction.

Would You Recommend Uzinakod to a Future Intern?

Bao-Tran Cong

Yes, absolutely. I was assigned to a project that met my interests. Also, being a growing company, there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things. At Uzinakod, you feel like a full member.

Vincent Camy-debat

I would definitely recommend Uzinakod to a future intern! I feel very lucky to have had such an interesting internship. I was given real developer tasks, taking the pressure off me to leave room for learning. Objectively, I could not have had a better internship.

I would also like to emphasize the incredible atmosphere and support I received. Great efforts are made to establish dialogue, even at a distance. I will take the example of the “cafés,” open meetings where you can discuss freely 3 times a week—an initiative that is necessarily good, especially at a distance! Very happy with my experience!

We are always open to spontaneous applications! If you are interested, write to us or send us your CV directly!

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