Sarah Elmobayed-Langevin
By Sarah Aug 31, 2021

The Uzinakod Experience: All the Good Reasons to Get On Board

Are you looking for a job that will motivate you to progress and inspire you to take on challenges every day? Do you value the balance between your personal and professional life? If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading, we’ll give you 6 good reasons (among many others!) to embark on the Uzinakod adventure. 😉

1. Your Involvement Counts

Your opinion carries weight: whether you’ve just joined us or have been with us for years, your viewpoint is just as valuable as anyone else’s on the team. Do you want to go beyond the code and be involved in architectural decisions? Do you want to work as part of a team, communicate and connect with the client? Consider it possible! At Uzinakod, being involved and feeling involved is not a “plus,” it’s a reality.

2. Monotony? Never Heard of It!

Don’t feel like always working on the same project or in the same industry? Well, neither do we! We take on a variety of challenging projects in numerous industries. By expanding the range of opportunities, our employees are constantly learning. There’s no time for boredom, you’re absorbing knowledge on all sides.

3. Technological Evolution

Do you like to learn and innovate? At Uzinakod, we place a lot of importance on staying up-to-date with our technological expertise as well as keeping up with the market. In fact, we are in the middle of a major development in IoT and artificial intelligence!

As a Microsoft Partner, we provide our employees with learning opportunities and the possibility to obtain certifications that will support their career advancement. It also allows us to conduct technology scans. We are always open to suggestions from our employees. Are you interested in a new technology? Give us a sales pitch and show us how we’ll benefit from it!

4. A Work Environment that Suits You

Uzinakod is one of the best working environments imaginable. Not convinced? Here are some examples that will prove it to you:

  • Are you fluent in “GIF”? At Uzinakod, we provide our employees with several Teams channels dedicated to staying connected with each other, and it’s not uncommon to see entire conversations in the form of a string of GIFs. Are you known for always having the right GIF at the right time? Join the conversation.
  • Connecting with your co-workers is vital, which is why we host virtual coffees every Friday to talk about something other than work. It’s a great way to end a week!
  • At Uzinakod, we’ve discovered the right balance between humor, sarcasm and professionalism. After all, it’s possible to be professional without taking yourself too seriously. 🙃
  • When you talk about flexible employment, you’re talking about Uzinakod! Not just for your schedule, but for where you work: whether it’s from your home, for a few weeks in the country of your choice, or from our offices in the Old Port of Montreal, you have a lot of options!

5. The SMB Experience

There are several professional advantages to joining a small-to-medium business (SMB):

  • Quick decision making. Do you want to propose a new way of operating without having to climb through several layers of administrative hierarchy? Working at a small business means constantly seeking to improve processes and put new ideas into action quickly. The solution you propose seems to make sense and move the company forward? Let’s give it a shot!
  • A united team. Not only do we all know each other by name, but we are all bound by our desire to see projects succeed. Being surrounded by motivated, enthusiastic and friendly (not to mention hilarious) people is the key to a good day at work!
  • Growth. The more Uzinakod grows, the more opportunities there are! At an SMB, you’re growing your career and your company at the same time. You develop along with us, and it’s incredibly rewarding.

6. Social Benefits

Because giving recognition to our employees is important to us. And that’s why we provide our team with a wide array of benefits: the list continues to update and grow. (After all, you can never give enough recognition to those who keep us ticking!) 🤘

So, you want some benefits? Here you go!

  • 5 weeks of vacation and 5 personal sick days upon arrival (the sun is waiting for you!)
  • Group insurance covered 100% by the employer from your first day with us (that’s the Uzinakod difference) 😉
  • A reimbursement of your cell phone plan.
  • Discounts on your public transit passes. (Including Bixi!)

And much more! But if you want to see the full list, go to our Careers page: it’ll be a good read! 📜

And by the way, that’s not all. We’ve got more benefits to announce soon! 🏡

In short, there is no lack of reasons to embark on the Uzinakod adventure! So, what are you waiting for?

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