By Aurore Mar 3, 2021

Google to Discontinue Support for AngularJS at the End of 2021!

The countdown has started! You may already know it, but by the end of December 2021, Google will no longer support AngularJS. If your applications use this framework, it’s time to consider a quick code migration for your projects to Angular. Why is this important, and how much work is involved? Our experts will explain everything as simply as possible!

AngularJS will be vulnerable by the end of the year, as there will be no more updates and development for the Javascript framework. In other words: say hello to security holes in your applications. In terms of resources, fewer and fewer developers will be qualified in the AngularJS framework, and it will be difficult to solve problems. Finally, the lack of support will logically result in browser compatibility issues for your users.

Security Level

Long-term support will no longer be offered as of December 31, 2021, which means security risks. From 2022 onwards, it will no longer be easy to detect security holes, and it is quite possible that your IT team won’t find them quickly enough, either. Additionally, developers in general will have fewer and fewer available resources and knowledge to help them make the necessary changes to the AngularJS framework.

AngularJS packages, commonly known as libraries, will no longer be maintained over time, or renewed. In the future, it will be difficult if not impossible to find libraries produced for AngularJS. Here again, security breaches will occur within the libraries used.

Performance Level

Beyond the security issue of your applications, a migration to Angular is wise simply because of the new technologies integrated into recent versions. As AngularJS stops at version ES6, the advantages of Javascript’s latest versions are inaccessible. Angular offers better performance at this level.

In addition, Angular allows for typing which enables correction of possible programmer errors, preventing bugs from appearing in the application. This is very useful when developing large applications, as there is less chance of encountering object formatting problems.

Labor Considerations

Today, most developers know how to use Angular rather than AngularJS, and the scale will only tip further over time. Younger developers are mostly trained on the latest versions of Angular, and the risk of losing senior talent who know the intricacies of the JavaScript platform will be higher and higher. The way the framework operates is totally different in terms of methodology.

Angular uses Typescript as a programming language, which forces a strict syntax and allows static typing. Some will say that this looks object-oriented, which will ease the transition for programmers.

Compatibility Considerations

Angular is mobile friendly! It enables mobile application development, as opposed to AngularJS which does not offer this support.

Further, browser compatibility with AngularJS is not guaranteed in the medium-long term, for instance on the level of display.

A Concrete Example

To give you an idea, our developers have also experienced problems with AngularJS in one of our projects.

Hugo, a Full-Stack Developer for more than 2 years, says:

“The problem is that some packages we use are already out of date, and some have even disappeared on the servers. So virtually, we have a specimen of an extinct species in the project. Depending on the type of package, this can be a greater or lesser problem; a drop-down list is not the end of the world, we can go and look for others. On the other hand, a security package is more serious.

Also, the community that used AngularJS has gradually migrated to Angular, so you lose your support for the project. Objectively, Angular is better, you have a lot more processes that are directly integrated into the framework and that you don’t need to develop yourself, contrary to AngularJS.”

Our Experts Can Help You!

A migration project is not just a few simple updates. Nor is it a simple transfer from AngularJS to Angular, but rather a total rewrite. The only thing that can be kept is the business logic written in Javascript (without any dependence on AngularJS), but sometimes it has to be readapted.

The developers at Uzinakod are ready to assist you with this kind of upgrade project. They are on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, particularly an extensive Angular expertise along with knowledge of the old AngularJS framework. Working in collaboration with your company’s IT team, or on our own with your trust, our seasoned experts will be 100% involved.

If you want to know more about how our development team can quickly turn around your projects, don’t hesitate—contact us at 😉

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