By Aurore Sep 13, 2021

Why “Made Local” Matters in IT

Buying local is no longer just a trend, but a way of life. Reinforced by the pandemic, we have no need to show you occasional initiatives or campaigns praising the benefits of supporting the local economy. It is well-anchored in our minds, and everyone is trying to apply it in their own way.

In all sectors of activity, we emphasize the consumption of goods or services manufactured and distributed locally, in Quebec or in Canada, and the IT sector is no exception to the rule! Choosing an IT service partner established in Quebec and actually providing services locally, has a whole series of winning benefits for each stakeholder! We’ll tell you about them right away.

As Citizens

Economic Impact

It’s the classic well-known advantage: we actively participate in the local economy! By retaining the services of a local IT company, you encourage it to develop, create jobs, energize its sector of activity, strengthen knowledge, and thus make Quebec’s knowledge shine brighter.

Indirectly, it also contributes to the vitality of the neighborhood, for example, by the location of its offices. We had a perfect illustration of this during the pandemic: the dynamism of downtown Montreal was strongly affected by the implementation of telecommuting. Businesses saw a drastic drop in sales, and restaurants, cafes and bars had to close their doors.

Collective Impact

In the same vein, Montreal is known for being a smart city, with its technology sector in full swing. Besides generating more revenue, buying local also contributes to increasing government revenue through our taxes. Which is often money reinvested in accessible products and services for our communities.

Responsible Impact

The IT field could roughly be compared to the fashion industry. Some companies don’t hesitate to outsource to resources abroad, where labor is much cheaper. The consumer, however, does not necessarily benefit. Certainly, the IT market is short on talent, and it is sometimes difficult to find the talent needed to perform the required task. But buying local encourages fair and respectful working conditions, and attracts foreign direct investment, entrepreneurs, and skilled international workers to the region.

As Customers

Human Impact

Being able to exchange information live, in the same time zone and in the same language, greatly reinforces the feeling of proximity and availability between companies. As IT investments represent a certain budget for your business, it is necessary to have confidence in your IT partner, maintaining a relationship where you feel that your needs have been heard and understood. Distance, language, and cultural differences can sometimes compromise certain projects with a host of difficulties.

Quality Impact

Even in IT, a local company strives to provide quality services and produce secure, sustainable and innovative software for its clients. Its expertise, reputation and credibility are at stake, so it is in the company’s best interest to ensure projects run smoothly and deliver a useful, quality product. Clients benefit from personalized support and better control of the project through precise, regular follow-ups to ensure optimal quality.

Furthermore, working with a local company reduces overall risk. The knowledge and know-how remain with the service provider and are accessible at all times.

Security Impact

Security is an important issue for companies, especially in the IT sector. Data hosting in particular is a critical issue, and most companies want to be reassured that their data is protected ideally within their own country, and always at least through reputable providers.

Budget Impact

“Buying local is more expensive!” After reading all the points mentioned above, this is still a common misconception. By retaining the services of an IT company located near your home, you have access to:

  • Ease of communication and a necessary proximity to your partner
  • A reduction of stress, fears, and risk
  • A safe, efficient, quality product
  • Technological, innovative and local expertise

It is, in fact, a real investment in your company, your community, and your country.

At Uzinakod, we are a proudly Quebec-based business located in Montreal. All our employees are full-time, permanent, and live in the greater Montreal area. They represent talent from various countries around the world who benefit from an honest and caring work environment.

Thanks to the trust of our clients in various industries, we have grown to over 50 employees. We strongly believe in the importance of being a local IT provider, which makes a big difference to the whole community!

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