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Embracing Innovation, Growth, and Human Values with Uzinakod

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech success stories, a few narratives stand out as truly inspiring. Today, we reflect on our own journey – the captivating story of Uzinakod. Established in 2015 in Montreal by Sébastien Daupleix and Dominic Feron, Uzinakod was founded with a bold vision: to reshape the IT industry with innovative, customized solutions, all while nurturing a workplace culture anchored in profound human values. This vision was brought to life by a dedicated team of experts who form the backbone of our esteemed company.

From expanding our team from 5 to 70 employees in under four years, Uzinakod’s journey exemplifies rapid growth and relentless adaptation in a dynamic industry. In this interview, our CEO Sébastien unveils the secrets behind this fast pace rise and the fundamental principles that have safeguarded the enduring essence of our initial vision and corporate culture.

Uzinakod's leadership team embodying innovation, growth, and human values.

“Creating. Together. Here.”
Exploring Uzinakod’s Core Culture and Vision

This first segment explores our origins and demonstrates how a bold idea drove a company that challenges IT industry norms by prioritizing people at its core.

What was the founding vision of Uzinakod, and how has it shaped the company’s strategic direction over the past nine years?

My co-founder and I, both software engineers, established Uzinakod in 2015 with a shared vision and a dual purpose: to provide companies with exceptional technical expertise and to cultivate a fulfilling work environment for our employees. At Uzinakod, we foster an atmosphere where everyone can thrive, advance professionally, and contribute to a collaborative and dynamic culture of knowledge-sharing.

Could you share insights into the company’s culture and its role in Uzinakod’s success, especially considering the remarkable growth from 5 to 70 employees within four years?

Our vision and culture are based on three fundamental principles: Creating. Together. Here.

  • Creating signifies our dedication to crafting advanced technological solutions that precisely align with our customers’ requirements, all while nurturing the professional growth and career development of our entire team.
  • Together emphasizes the value of collaboration, both internally among our colleagues and externally with our customers. It is through this partnership that we forge solutions that surpass expectations and cultivate trusted relationships.
  • Here underscores our pride in being part of and enriching the local ecosystem in the heart of Quebec, particularly within Montreal.

By prioritizing people in our daily operations, we not only address the current and future technological needs of Quebec companies but also foster an environment where everyone is empowered to make meaningful contributions. Over nine years, staying true to our foundational values has fueled our growth and established us as a leading authority in the IT landscape of Quebec.

Leading with Innovation:
How does Uzinakod stay one step ahead with innovation?

Let’s delve into how Uzinakod anticipates market trends, overcomes industry obstacles, and transforms challenges into growth drivers.

In the ultra-competitive and fast-changing IT sector, how does Uzinakod maintain its leadership in terms of innovation and development?

We prioritize extensive training to ensure our team members stay at the forefront of the latest innovations, thereby providing our customers with enduring solutions.
We also encourage our colleagues to explore and embrace new ways of working, particularly through the adoption of artificial intelligence tools, which enhance coding efficiency.

Amid growing concerns about privacy among companies, how does Uzinakod approach ensuring data security in its solutions?

As CEO of Uzinakod, one of my main priorities is safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of our customers’ data. We have implemented rigorous control processes from the outset to govern the management of all data, whether internal or customer-related, with a keen focus on sensitive information.

To avoid risks associated with using real data in our development and testing, we use advanced technologies to generate artificial datasets. These fictitious yet realistic datasets faithfully simulate real-life scenarios, allowing us to validate the effectiveness of our solutions without compromising customer data security.

We also use advanced in-house security validation tools for the source code of the software we create, guaranteeing its reliability and compliance with the highest security standards.

Recognizing that technology alone is insufficient for optimal project security, we heavily invest in training our teams and raising their awareness of data security issues. Our employees are equipped with the knowledge and instincts necessary to serve as the primary defense against threats to data integrity.

What are the primary challenges confronting our business this year, and what strategies does Uzinakod intend to employ to address them effectively?

The current challenges facing our business include the impact of inflation and rising interest rates, which are restricting the investment capacity of many companies in technology. To navigate this environment, we have strategically chosen to focus on sectors less affected by these economic fluctuations, allowing us to pursue our growth objectives more effectively.

Additionally, the emergence of new technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence, presents both promising opportunities and uncertainties regarding the best adoption strategies. This dynamic introduces challenges related to change management and may lead to resistance to adopting new approaches within our organization.

What emerging technological trends do you believe are most promising for the future?

In 2024, it’s impossible to overlook the topic of artificial intelligence. Despite its current limitations, AI is revolutionizing numerous business sectors, and its rapid advancement underscores its immense potential. As developers of technological solutions, we are uniquely positioned to witness and contribute to this significant revolution.

Beyond AI’s impressive technical aspects, the ethical, environmental, societal, and even philosophical questions it raises present a fascinating field of exploration.

Healthcare mobile application and union management platform developed by Uzinakod.

Highlighting Accomplishments and Client Experiences

Discover essential strategies for successfully integrating new technologies and explore the projects that Uzinakod takes pride in.

What advice would you offer to companies that are hesitant about integrating new technologies into their business model?

For me, the human aspect is at the heart of any successful digital transformation. It’s crucial to recognize that the success of any digital initiative, whether it involves transformation or evolution, within an organization lies in human buy-in. Cultivating and sustaining team commitment is vital at every stage of a technology project.

In an era of rapid technological evolution, it has become imperative to adopt methodological approaches like Agility, which emphasize incremental evolution. These approaches, rooted in flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement, empower companies to quickly adapt to change, enhance their responsiveness to market demands, and notably mitigate the risks associated with implementing new technologies.

Do you have a project you’re particularly proud of that demonstrates Uzinakod’s expertise?

Choosing just one project from the many undertaken by our teams would risk making some enemies. 😊

However, I am particularly proud of our initiatives in the healthcare sector, where our projects have a direct impact on improving individuals’ lives and well-being. Additionally, our collaborations with trade unions are instrumental in safeguarding and advancing societal interests.

Our colleagues often emphasize that “any project with a positive community impact fills us with pride!” It is this shared commitment to making a meaningful difference that unites and inspires us to continually innovate and excel in our field.

Finally, what is the most common feedback you receive from customers and partners about Uzinakod?

Customers and partners frequently commend Uzinakod for our deep technical expertise and our capability to design and implement solutions that, despite their complexity, are enjoyable to use. Our trademark remains the fundamentally human side of our approach, and it never fails to bring a smile to our faces when we hear our colleagues and customers emphasize this aspect. ☺️


Since 2015, Uzinakod’s journey has been characterized not only by our capacity to incorporate the latest technological advancements into our solutions, but also by our commitment to maintaining a deeply human-centered approach.

Interested in learning more about the innovative solutions developed by Uzinakod and their impact on the technology sector? Contact us for a deeper conversation and to discover how our experts can enhance your company’s performance.

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