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La Kaban: Relaxing in the Middle of Nature

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Silence, interspersed with the sounds of nature. What if that could be your backdrop, as an employee of Uzinakod? La Kaban reinvents the way we approach work, with the ability to escape into nature.

This fully-equipped cottage allows employees to escape the city for a week of work or rest, surrounded by their loved ones.

La Kaban - Visual Identity

A New Way of Working

It is no surprise to anyone that the last few years of the pandemic have been difficult for us all. The workday world has been particularly affected, seeing its horizon change completely.

Telecommuting and hybrid work, employee mobility, more flexible hours… the current crisis has accelerated changes that were already taking place in the way we think about work.

Gone are the days of working 9 to 5 within the same four walls; the future will be decidedly more flexible and mobile. Today’s employees can more easily work from wherever they want, when they want.

Many types of employment can now take place in a variety of locations, not just the office. It is in this particular context that Uzinakod has chosen to place itself at the forefront of innovation by acquiring a cottage.

Because if employees are no longer restricted to the office, why not encourage them to enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature at the same time?

The Japanese have understood this for a long time with the shinrin-yoku, “forest baths” with multiple physical and psychological benefits.

La Kaban's offices

La Kaban, a Place for the Team in the Middle of Nature

Employee well-being has always been at the heart of Uzinakod’s vision. After the last few years of hard work, Sébastien Daupleix (CEO and Cofounder) wanted to find a way to give his colleagues a friendly place to recharge their batteries. Dominic, his partner, was not hard to convince.

This is how the project of La Kaban was born. This large cottage in St-Donat-de-Montcalm, in the magnificent Lanaudière region, was found by Sébastien’s wife and then acquired by the company to be made available to employees. They can reserve it by the week, free of charge, and enjoy it with their colleagues or with family and friends.

Because La Kaban is not just a place to telework in the forest. Sébastien absolutely wanted a place where his team could completely unplug and enjoy the silence of nature, whether it be with colleagues or with their loved ones.

Waking up far from the noise of the city, having your coffee at the end of the pier before going for a kayak or a jog in the forest, ending the day around a campfire… that’s what we call a change of scenery!

“From employees living in a 3 ½ in Villeray to those in a house on the South Shore, everyone has a right to nature,” says Sébastien. “Everyone can enjoy its peace and quiet. In a time of pandemic where mental health issues abound, this became even more important.”

Employees can choose to work (thanks to high-speed satellite internet!) or relax with their loved ones. With room for up to 14 people, La Kaban is ready for anything, four seasons a year.

Winter at La Kaban

A Cottage the Employees Love

The beautiful region is full of activities: hiking, kayaking and swimming during the summer months, or skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing during the colder months.

The chalet itself has everything to please: pedal boats, kayaks, spa, fire pit, fireplace, hammock, BBQ, snowshoes, art materials, toys for children, charging station for electric cars, offices with computers… fully loaded, as they say!

Two employees even played around with it “trying to figure out what’s missing.” A yoga mat? Sure. An ice machine? Absolutely! A towel warmer? A heated floor? We stay warm in the winter at La Kaban! A lemon squeezer? We’ve got two kinds…

Employees at La Kaban

The chalet is already a hit with the Uzinakod team:

“I love the feeling I get when I arrive at La Kaban: you feel great right away! The change of environment and being in a quiet and peaceful place feels so good. It reminds me that we are lucky to have bosses with such big hearts!”, underlines Érika.

“Seriously, everything is perfect. The view of the lake in the morning before hitting the ski slopes which are 20 minutes away, wow! The après-ski spa is pure bliss. And what about the heated floors? We feel really privileged to work for a company that gives us access to all this,” thinks Loïc.

“The quiet, the master bedroom on the 2nd floor (yeah, we wake up without the noise of the kids), the hot tub, the lake, the kayaks, the groceries, the internet, the ability to put Netflix on the TV, the view of the mountains on the lake, just wow.

“I also love the community spirit; we finish the perishables if there are any and leave a surprise for the next person while making sure that the housekeeping is impeccable. I would go back tomorrow morning,” says Julie.

Is Working in the Wilderness the Way of the Future?

Rethinking the workspace and the work-life balance is a necessity today. How can we provide an environment that allows for a better well-being, while promoting productivity and creativity?

Happy employees are undoubtedly more productive at work. The workplace has definitely changed, and Uzinakod is at the forefront of this shift.

Much more than a second office, La Kaban heralds the future. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this freedom?

The team takes on the mission of meditating on the subject, with their feet dangling off the end of the pier.

At the end of the pier at La Kaban

Want to enjoy the benefits of La Kaban? There is only one way: come and join us now!

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