By Fabien Oct 23, 2023

Le Shack: Uzinakod’s 2nd Cottage

In the spring of 2021, Sébastien Daupleix, the CEO and cofounder of Uzinakod, had a delightful surprise for all team members and a game-changer for remote work: the acquisition of La Kaban.

This fully-equipped cottage, located in the picturesque Lanaudière region in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, became accessible to all employees within a few days, offering them a space for both work and relaxation.

Two years later, the experience has led Sébastien to make the following observation: ‘’As a company, we realized that a cottage might not be a good idea after all. That’s why we decided to get a second one.’’

And this is how Le Shack came to life!

One cottage is fun, but two? Even better! Uzinakod now offers its employees twice the opportunity to unwind in the middle of nature.

Interior view of Le Shack

About Le Shack

Situated in the stunning region of Lanaudière, this splendid cottage in Entrelacs echoes the same concept as La Kaban: an escape from the urban rush, ideal for work or a relaxing week-long vacation.

Le Shack is often regarded as La Kaban’s twin, and it’s easy to see why. The similarities in their exteriors are quite striking, with the key distinguishing feature being Le Shack’s black roof and a few additional windows at the rear. The cottages are also both lakesides, offering amazing views and direct access to a multitude of water activities such as kayaking, swimming and even skating in winter.

What Makes Le Shack Special

Le Shack can host up to 14 people, with its four private bedrooms and a dormitory, along with three bathrooms, ensuring a highly comfortable stay. The kitchen is equipped with all the essentials to make sure our visitors don’t miss a thing. From fondue and raclette machines to a sandwich press and a crepe maker, it’s all at their fingertips!

When it comes to entertainment, Le Shack is well-equipped with all the essentials! There are baby foot and ping pong tables, axe-throwing, and even a home cinema for those who prefer to enjoy their time indoors. For the hiking and skiing enthusiasts, numerous trails and ski resorts like Montcalm, Val Saint-Côme, La Réserve, and Mont Garceau are just a short drive away. And after indulging in these diverse activities, there’s nothing quite like unwinding by the fire or taking a dip in the hot tub!

Le Shack is also an ideal place to work, with everything thoughtfully arranged to facilitate a seamless work from ‘’home’’ experience. You won’t find yourself being forced to sit around the coffee table in the living room! Instead, Le Shack provides dedicated workstations complete with external screens, a mouse, keyboard, and a printer (always handy to have!), ensuring you have everything necessary for a productive day!

The Story Behind the Name “Le Shack”

Shortly after the announcement, one of the questions that naturally came up was, ‘’Why ‘Le Shack’?’’ There’s no better way to find out than to go straight to the source and ask Sébastien Daupleix himself.

‘’For our cabins, we wanted names with a touch of the ‘K’ from Uzinakod and a vibe of wild nature. Back when we got the first cottage and named it ‘La Kaban’ in 2021, I was already thinking ‘Le Shack’ for a possible second one. The plan had been in my mind for a while!’’
– Sébastien Daupleix

An Automated Cottage Experience

Just like La Kaban, Le Shack has been a testing ground for our digital transformation experts. We have simplified the reservation process using Power Automate to speed up request processing and ensure it meets our internal guidelines. Reminders are also sent out at specific times:

  • A few days prior to the visit: an email containing practical information and any necessary rules for review and signature is sent.
  • On the day before departure: a text message with a checklist of tasks to complete before leaving and instructions for cleaning duties is sent.

The result? Significant boosts in efficiency and time saved!

Outdoor view of Le Shack

What Our Team Thinks About Le Shack

In the past few months, Le Shack has been extremely busy. To our great pleasure, there hasn’t been a single vacant week at Le Shack since we announced this new addition!

Among the many employees who had the opportunity to stay there, two had some sort of a ‘’sneak peak’’ experience.

Completely by chance, our colleague Lucie got a glimpse of the cottage before anyone else in the winter of 2023.

‘’What were the odds of Uzinakod acquiring this cottage that we had rented just a few months earlier for a birthday celebration with friends! I still remember the ‘wow’ effect when I first walked in. It’s the ideal spot for gatherings and unwinding, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. We even mentioned how much we’d love to rent it again in the summer, and thanks to Uzinakod, that wish became a reality.’’
– Lucie Cosson

Uzinakod’s love for tradition and a touch of superstition meant that the first employee to stay at Le Shack was also the first one to stay at La Kaban. So Mikaël had the honor to inaugurate Uzinakod’s new cottage.

‘’I’m so fortunate to be Uzinakod’s cottages ‘Lucky Charm’! Even after my first visit, it remains nothing short of amazing. Not only is it a great place to work, but I can guarantee that there’s nothing better than kayaking and enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature after a productive workday. It made me want to plan a vacation here with friends or family. Again, thanks for this amazing opportunity!’’
– Mikaël LeBlanc

One of the wonderful things about Le Shack is that it allows for quality time with loved ones without the need for an official vacation. That’s exactly what Yacine had the chance to experience.

‘’Le Shack is a great place to work during the day and enjoy nature and outdoor activities the rest of the time and on weekends. My family and I spent the whole week by the lake and enjoying our evenings by the fire.’’
– Yacine Faroukou

We’d like to give a shout-out to Yacine’s uncle, who provided us with the amazing pictures of Le Shack included in this article. 👋

View of the lake from Le Shack

Le Shack, Where Memories Are Made

At Uzinakod, our corporate culture defines who we are. In addition to the many year-round benefits we offer our team members, the addition of a cottage only reinforces our commitment to their happiness.

Le Shack is much more than just a second remote office. When our cofounders, Sébastien and Dominic, decided to acquire cottages for Uzinakod, the mission was to offer employees an enchanting setting in which to unwind and create lasting memories.

After reading these testimonials and recalling past experiences at La Kaban, it’s safe to say we have achieved our mission!

All this sound like a dream? Check out our current job openings on our Careers page for the chance to visit our cottages!

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